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Greens Motel Apartment Accommodation in Nelson, New Zealand


Keir and Bonita Wilkinson are your hosts at Greens Motel, and take pride ensuring that your stay in their apartment style motel is both relaxing and enjoyable. Sit in the garden or on your balcony with your favourite drink and soak up the sun that the Nelson region is famous for. Greens Motel is wheelchair accessible and convenient for both the corporates, the adventure traveler or for those just needing some time away from home. Greens Motels is the ideal location to work and/or play.Greens Motel Accommodation offers a range of motel apartment style accommodation. Great selection of studio, one or two bedroom motel apartments.

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Reef Bars

Perfect combination of proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats your body needs for energy and recovery. Healthy, nutritious, balanced and still tasty. You won't find fillers such as oats or peanuts in our products. We only use 0.4g of brown sugar for each Reef bar that we produce... how's that for a refreshing change?
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Proper Crisps

Why, when New Zealand grows some of the best potatoes in the world, could we not buy really great crisps? So we set out to learn as much about making really great crisps as we could. Our journey took us all over the world and we must have eaten our own weight in crisps! We are passionate about only using natural ingredients. We believe that food tastes better when it has not been messed about with and filled with artificial additives which is are there for the manufacturers benefit, not the consumer's.
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Pic's Peanut Butter

I brought a ten kilo bag of peanuts in 2007 and I started roasting and grinding and it was YUMMY. I fed it to my twelve year old son and he liked it and his mates did too - one even brought some with his pocket money. So that,in a peanut shell, is what got me going. I started off roasting in the garage and grinding in the kitchen but gave that away after a year for a dark and gloomy corner of a disused freezing works at Wakatu industrial estate here in nelson.People kept buying it and before we knew it we were,we were sending it off by the pallet.
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Pete’s Natural Drinks

Pete’s Natural Lemonade, Lime-o-nade flavours are locally produced from all natural ingredients; contains less sugar than most sparkling drinks and most important it tastes great.
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Glendenings Shortbread

Tucked away in the quiet settlement of Wakefield near Nelson on the main road south, Glendenings is dedicated to producing the finest quality shortbread to tantalise the taste buds. Established over ten years ago Glendenings developed a range of superb short bread products for supply to wholesale trade that quickly gained a reputation for quality to discerning epicures.
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The drink is made from hydrated chia seeds blended with flavours including blueberry, blackcurrant and passion fruit and bottled at McCashins brewery in Stoke. Chia seeds were one of the richest plant sources of omega 3, protein, antioxidant, antacids, magnesium and fibre. They were also full of naturally occurring electrolytes.
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Awaken Bars

Our organic raw food bars taste amazing. Full of real flavour – plus they leave you feeling great afterwards.Freshly prepared from raw organic whole foods, our bars are sealed immediately to preserve their nutritional ‘vitality’. A long lasting energy pickup combined with nutritional benefits for those in the fast lane.Easy, portable, and ready to eat for the cool kid, busy mum, fast professional and the endurance athlete.